Name: Aaron Spew
Time of Service: Start - End
Duties: Vocals & Huffiness
Favorite Spew Song: Poor You
Best Spew Memories:
1. The Bemidji hot tub debacle.
2. Eating a rock-hard, stale gingerbread house, tossed on-stage by P.R.O.C., at Sursumcorda.
3. Almost rear-ending Siren (who's brake lights were out), and Jez, in the passenger seat, passed out, drunk, flying forward, nailing his head on the dashboard (THUNK!)
4. Fat Chicks In Bondage.
5. Hiccuping, while curled up in the fetal position underneath a table... in Bemidji.
6. Getting drunk with Limey in the woods before an alchohol-free show.
Thing he misses most about Spew: No obvious excuses to get drunk with my crew. Now it's just alchoholism.
What he's up to now: I'm working on a project with Xiv, titled G.N.P. (Gabber Nullification Project). We currently have approximately half a dozen songs completed, and plan to release a CD in the near future.
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