Name: Siren
Time of Service: 02/02 - End
Duties: Drums & Smoke Breaks
Favorite Spew Song: DDT
Best Spew Memories:
1. Jive picking up Limey who was picking up Wil (who's upside down), all of whom came tumbling down (along with a good portion of the stage gear).
2. "I see drunk people."
3. Deli quotes. ("I'll fuck a catfish." "You're the zip code." etc.)
4. Bemidji, nuff said.
5. More china's! Play Harder!
6. "Sing to me Xiv, sing to me!"
7. Dr. T in the ditch, jumping, flying, falling, running and smashing into the vehicle all in one effortless motion.
Thing he misses most about Spew: The regularly scheduled chaos, I'll miss you, my brothers.
What he's up to now: 6 foot even, same as always. Trying to find a band without girlfriend lyrics. NEXT! Will the auditioner step forward please, stand still, this hammer will only hurt for a minute before you're unconscious.
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