Name: Wil Spew
Time of Service: 08/99 - End
Duties: Bass & Acerbity
Favorite Spew Song: Kneejer2k
Best Spew Memories:
1. Upstairs Neighbor Lady: "I have to be up for work at 4am!"
2. Pissing off of Aaron's balcony while arguing about The Eagles.
3. The creation of Cog.
Thing he misses most about Spew: The absolute oneness with the Spew Minions when things were clicking. The feeling that the whole universe was in sync and 6 totally different personas with gigantic egos came together and made the enormous sounds that turned into perfect industro-metal that made Spew so damn fun. "Ding!"
What he's up to now: Bringing together a splinter project that provides the machinations of Spew-like industro-metal and the art of concept (eg. Pink Floyd) with Jive and Nugget. Details soon.
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