Name: Limey (aka CaO)
Time of Service: 06/01 - 04/03
Duties: Keyboards & Absynthe
Favorite Spew Song: Sacrifice & Mailbomb
Best Spew Memories:
1. Recieving a garbage bag full of vhs tapes from Dehli in exchange for a ditch-weed joint during a practice.
2. K-Y/Spew show where we "hoaxed" everyone to think we weren't us.
3. Halloween, Silver Creek: Getting black-out drunk on shitty beer & mysterious pills, and eventually dropping Wil on his head.
Thing he misses most about Spew:
Bringing out the raw energy in the other players & how it perpetuated as the music intensified (which often lead to severe gear damage). I miss the family feel of the band, through the good times & the not-so-good times
What he's up to now:A solo project known as absinthmonkey, a project with my wife (yes, you read correctly, my wife), Amanda, known as puss'-puss' (sludgy stoner metal with a touch of jazz vocals...think Melvins meet Nick Cave)
Links: absinthmonkey
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