Name: Nugget
Time of Service: 08/04 - End
Duties: Bass & Beer
Favorite Spew Song: Sacrifice
Best Spew Memories:
1. Wil asking me... "Come jam with us tonight"
2. Main Event Battle of the bands, 12 beers 5 Redbull Jagers flipping off the camera. Puking later that night.
3. "OOOOhhhhweeeee that Tabasco is hot! I need a Coooold one!"
4. Ashing on Jesus. Is that a SIN?
Thing he misses most about Spew: Almost being able to hit my head on the ceiling on the way down the stairs at Aaron's house. Smoke break time always seemed longer than practice time..... Wil and Siren always trying to kill each other.
What he's up to now: Still a COG in the wheel of a major retailer..... See also: Wil's page. Any other questions???
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