Name: Xiv
Time of Service: 01/03 - 08/04
Duties: Keys & "Dub"
Favorite Spew Song: Human Layaway
Best Spew Memories:
1. Smoking about a quad with Chris Hinge at Chaos in the Country, then stumbling to the truck with Jive, and seeing the flaming car wreckage on the way out.
2. BEER TRIBE! (also at Chaos)
3. Playing in Sarah's basement wasted to hell, slipping in beer, and holding on to the keys for dear life while playing one of our best shows.
Thing he misses most about Spew: Those precious few moments where time ceased to be and 6 guys got into the best industrial grooves ever known to man, and I totally surrendered to the sounds... Oh yeah, and all the "free" High Life
What he's up to now: Trying not to get arrested all the time and continuing the keyboard madness with Aaron in G.N.P., soon to knee you in the face with a full album, and possible live shows in the near future.
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