Name: Jive Midnight
Time of Service: 05/00 - End
Duties: Guitars & Smiles
Favorite Spew Song: Frank Lloyd Wright Bridge
Best Spew Memories:
1. Bemidji presidential suite.
2. The Sursumcorda Sacrifice CD-release show.
3. Bemidji bonfire.
4. Sarah's party.
5. The first show in Eau Claire, at "Nate's Dungeon".
6. NAMM.
7. Enkrya's "Boycott The Lab Show".
8. Chaos in the Country.
9. Terror in Silver Creek 5.
10. Spew on KMSU & Mickey's 40s.
Thing he misses most about Spew: The performing, the drinking and my bros.
What he's up to now: About 1000 side projects.
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