Name: Glenno
Time of Service: Anytime
Duties: Anything
Favorite Spew Song: Glenn Get Beer! The more publicly-known F. L. W. B. could rock first place, too.
Best Spew Memory:
1. 2002: Summer of SPEW. All the energy, sweat, blood (fake and not fake), that went in to making those shows. I'd do it all again. Neither heat, nor rain, nor fatigue, nor flaring tempers could stop us.
2. Chaos In the Country
3. Wil running the show at Silver Creek, keeping it all together.
4. Sound-checking all the instruments before the last show at the Quest :-)
Thing he misses most about Spew: To pare it down to one thing: brotherhood. Other band members came and went, but the core group remained strong and creative.
What he's up to now: Tech support, the occasional happy hour, enjoying life with my wife
Links: Jimmy Dean pork sausage, not too crispy. But seriously folks...
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