Name: Blaknite-X
Time of Service: 05/99 - 12/99
Duties: Keyboards & Braying
Favorite Spew Song: Only one song? Fuck that! Cog, FOC/FOD, G.I. Whore, if I can only name a few...
Best Spew Memories:
1. Using the old appartment closet as a sound room.
2. Random ideas with Aaron being worked on at 4:00 AM.
3. Random sampling being done from crazy-ass movies like "The Mack!" and "The Glove" and "Zombie".
4. Finishing off the first version of "Cog" with Aaron and Wil.
Thing he misses most about Spew: Shit, I just miss being in Minnesota. Not being able to see the group rock out at shows, being a part of the action, etc. Take yer friggin' pick. I wish I could've seen it, but 'tis life.
What he's up to now: Doing Tech/Network/IT stuff for Deutsche Telekom Group, living with my girlfriend in Albuquerque, NM. Doing crazy shit with friends down here on Friday nights, traveling, Still rockin' out to heavy metal music, and whatever else I can do to kill time in this hell-hole state.
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